Sensory motor skills
in a natural environment.

Our Approach

Sense of Wonder Farm offers a unique therapy approach that provides all the benefits of traditional occupational therapy with the added benefit of our sessions taking place in a truly “natural” environment. With the help of animals and nature, we motivate children to develop new skills, become stronger, and improve social skills while participating in sensory rich activities.

Children learn by doing. Engagement in purposeful activity requires and elicits coordination between a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive systems. At Sense of Wonder Farm retention and generalization of newly acquired skills is enhanced by the beauty and motivation of nature and friendly and furry farm animals. Activity choices will be drawn from typical daily activities that engage all of the sensory systems – cooking and eating healthy foods, arts & crafts using items that we find in nature; and gross motor activities on our six beautiful acres that include grassy hills to roll down, tire swings, and vegetable and flower gardens to plant and harvest. In our barn we have horses, miniature sheep, and chickens that provide opportunities for farm chores that give multisensory fine and gross motor activities real purpose.