Sensory motor skills
in a natural environment.

Who We Can Help

Development takes place when a child is motivated to participate, and is provided a “just right challenge” that ensures growth and success. Sense of Wonder Farm provides a rare opportunity to challenge a child’s sensory, motor, cognitive, and psychosocial skills in a meaningful and fun environment.

At Sense of Wonder Farm we use our experience and knowledge base to adapt activities that will help your child successfully accomplish his or her specific goals. We have the techniques to assist children in acquiring these new skills – and whenever possible, we welcome parent participation during therapy so that they may have a chance to observe these techniques and ask questions in “real time” occurrences.

If your child exhibits any of the following, please contact us to discuss how his or her needs may be addressed at Sense of Wonder Farm.

  • Difficulty with gross motor, fine motor and/or handwriting skills
  • Developmental delays
  • Coordination and balance challenges
  • Avoids touch, sounds, foods or movement
  • Excessively seeks touch, sounds or movement
  • Unusually high or low activity level
  • Poor attention/difficulty sitting still
  • Decreased self regulation/calming ability
  • Limited play skills
  • Poor social development
  • Limited independence in self care skills
  • Difficulty learning new or unfamiliar tasks